How can Bespokerie help?

If this is you first time commissioning a piece of furniture, you may want to know what a specialist furniture maker like Bespokerie can do for you.

Taking the right measurements

It's no secret that taking measurements can be a daunting task, especially if the surface you're measuring isn't exactly as straight as you thought it was. Bespokerie can help taking accurate measurements, using a mixture of measuring technologies to make sure that your furniture is made for a perfect fit.

Materials selections and procurement

Bespokerie will sit down with you and go through literally 100's of décor options based on your needs and style. They will go through the best brands to go for and give you the pro's and con's of each. If you want more information, Bespokerie will get you a larger sample of a material so that you can get a better understanding to help you make a decision. Once you have chosen your materials, Bespokerie will get them ordered at the best price available using their contacts.

Fitting your furniture

Once Bespokerie have ordered your materials, they will organise a time to put together your new, bespoke furniture, ensuring that all the parts fit perfectly together and your furniture looks even better than envisioned. Bespokerie will leave your home clean and tidy and will take the least amount of time needed to complete the job.

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