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Updated: Jul 22, 2021

In the age of fast furniture, Eddie and Linas saw a need for furniture made with materials that are both sustainable, stylish and unique without having to compromise on quality. They also found that today's furniture is made based on averages...made to appease everyone, which means that that piece of furniture you bought isn't that unique at all.

This is where Bespokerie comes in, a place where bespoke furniture is made to measure for you that matches your style, sensibility and needs.

Bespokerie was founded by Eddie and Linas, where they gained experience working for a furniture materials specialist before branching out to becoming furniture makers themselves. With their exposure to some of the best materials, industry contacts and in-the-know regarding furniture, Bespokerie aims to bring their experience to you.

If you're looking for tailored made, bespoke furniture, Bespokerie are here to help you make the process for your furniture journey easier. Using the latest technology to design and build furniture, you can be certain that Bespokerie will build you furniture to the highest degree of care and precision.

If you would like to know more about Bespokerie, contact

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